Saturday, 29 December 2007

Postcard shelf

For Nepal, again.
I have selected a few of my images, taken from previous Nepal trips, for the latest postcard project funded by Nat and me.

Printed 5000 pieces and distributed between Nepal and Bangkok, this charity project is aimed to help raise fund for Patan museum, one of my favourite little museums of the world. It was also on sale at Pilgrims book house on Thamel road in Kathmandu, and some other bookstores in Bangkok. Certain percentage of the proceedings will also go to the Nepali Conservation projects which Mr Thanwa suggested.

The postcard set comes in five designs with a quotation on the right flap. When folded the card can stand on its own and makes an ideal prop on the table.

Each set is priced at US6. If you are keen to contribute, kindly contact me at or Nat at

A set of 5 postcards depicting the beauty of Nepali life
with quotations on life and travelling

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Learn along the way

Strokes of inspiration in Lijiang
I have not been practising chinese calligraphy since I graduated more than 10 years ago. When i walked past the art studio in Lijiang, a strange feeling took over me and made me want to pick up the brush and ink again.

So for the next three afternoons while i stayed there, from 2 to 6pm, I came here to brush up my caligraphic skills.

I wouldn't say it was a perfect work but i felt good about doing it. On my way back home I bought a huge chinese brush and rice paper. Suddenly i was like a student starting all over again, feeling exhilarated and confident.

Practice makes perfect. Nothing beats doing it than saying it.

Picking up the brush and ink again... in Lijiang.