Friday, 3 June 2011

Make a difference

Work a day for Rinpoche

My precious root guru, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, was developing manifestation of sickness and now hospitalized in Australia.

Beside donations, I have also worked together with Diana from FPMT on a series of downloadable posters which are to be posted on the FPMT website.

Each poster carries a wonderful message from Rinpoche himself, together with a photo which I have taken from my trips in the Himalaya.

Hopefully these posters will serve as a reminder to all students of Rinpoche to practice dharma in their daily life.

New covers on the shelf 2011

Old Penang Old Stories

For those who have been to this oriental island, whose shape is like a turtle and about 5 kilometers off the peninsula, these books are a pure delight of those sweet old memories.

I knew the writer well and was quite depressed when his book hit the stand. I told him that the cover design could have been better. I could have helped him out with the design, if I have time.

The next thing, he came to me abruptly one day, saying his books will be reprinted, and the publisher was happy to have a new cover. I was in.

Cover for the old children songs in Penang

Cover for the old roads in Penang