Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Creative Critic

The Creative Life
I work in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and now Vietnam. I have met many different types of people in advertising. And one thing everyone has in common is a big ego, regardless of what department he or she is from.

When it comes to evaluating creative works, I can almost see a storm brewing in the meeting room. When comments are too harsh to be taken or when egos are badly hurt, things start falling apart and people start pointing fingers around.
I have met many creative critics in my advertising life. I almost have not met a great one. But I have occasionally met good ones who show me how to be better. Most of the times I was led astray into the hell of misguided creative tours.

I learn along the way I guess. But as a creative, we should always swallow our ego a little in order for our mind to grow wider. And yes, we can still ask stupid questions and we can still make mistakes.

After all, if we stop making mistakes, we stop learning.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Photo journey

Cold Cold Morning Sun
It was early morning before the sun rose. I woke up from my cosy warm bed and sneaked out for a shoot at the durbar square in Bhaktapur. It was a cold winter day and I could feel my hands trembling under my camera. I didn't take a lot of pictures but I was lucky to get this one.

4 years later it became the key image for an advertisement of Thai Airways aimed to promote its direct route to Nepal.

All the cold and trembles are worth it.

The other two shots, one in Kandy tea field, the other Wat Arun in Bangkok, are also selected to appear in the ad campaign that ran across US, Europe and asia.

Three in a series in the Thai Airways Asia campaign.