Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Well beings 1

Mother Teresa's chair
I was particularly moved to see two chairs exhibited at a crammed room next to Mother Teresa's tomb. One was labeled as her regular wooden stool which she used to sit while working in her office. The other, a cushioned chair which she always refused to sit at work, at least not until when she was in great pain in her last ailing year.

She sat on that cushioned chair briefly for one last time on the morning of 5 september 1997. On the same day at 9.30pm, she peacefully passed away. Her last word: " Love one another as I have always loved you."

Another sentence also caught my teary eyes when I read from the exhibition material. I could hear her voice calling the world afar... " What you cannot do, I can. What you can do, I cannot. But together we can do beautiful things for God."

I got out of Mother House through the entrance where I was led in. The signboard, next to the door, made such a great impact on me. It read: MOTHER TERESA. IN.

I knew she still is. I could tell from the faces of those nuns and devotees.

The miracle of faith and selfless compassion