Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Traveller notes

Watch our reactions

Everytime we have a thought appearing in our mind, if we react to it, we create actions - negative or positive - which will leave imprints on our mental continuum.

This is the way how karma keeps binding us to Samsara.

The next time you have a thought, do not react to it immediately. Watch your thought. See where it is coming from and where it will be going. Soon you will see the thoughts go into nowhere. It is just like wind, leaving no trace at all, if we do not react to it.

Reactions create actions. Actions create negative and positive imprints. All the imprints create karmas. All karmas create Samsara, the world in which we live in.

If we trace back we will find the culprit. Not the reactions themselves. The creator of our reactions is our self cherishing mind, our grasping ego.

Walking and cycling in Marakkech, Morocco.