Saturday, 28 June 2008


Living with books
Of all the bookstores I have visited throughout the world, a handful of them is worth coming back for, partly for its cozy atmosphere if not for its book selection.

The shakespearce and company near the Seine river, is a cool place for book lovers. Ernest Hemingway used to come here often by taking a detour to avoid the bakery shops as he was out of money to get even three square meals. On top of the bookstore there are guest rooms reserved for writers from around the world.

The Pilgrims on the Thamel road, is quite different from its parisian sister. Ran by an Indian yogi and choked with cheap books printed from India, it's a little run down but certainly filled with atmosphere authentic enough to charm any bookworms.

The Passport, right in the corner of the old city, is a beautiful haven for anyone looking for a moment of peace and serenity. Its owners, Yong and Num, are friendly and helpful to any visitors to their book-scented room.

On any leisure weekend, a stop at any of these bookstores will surely enlighten your day.

Don't even think of trying it when you are in Bangkok.

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