Thursday, 31 July 2008

Flight details

I know why the caged bird sings
Looking at my recent schedule, I begin to realise that I have slept in a hotel room more often than at my own place, taken flights more regular than taking a taxi and believe me or not, left the airport and came back again within 12 hours.

A quick glance at the flight details will reassure my stance.

5 april to 23 April HCM city to KL for friso shoot.
23 to 25 April KL to BKK for pepsi music online.
26 to 29 April back to HCM city.
30 April to 4 May back to Singapore.
5 May in HCM city.
6 May till 10 back to KL for firso talking tots online.
11 May till 13 KL to BKK for pepsi max shoot.
14 May till 16 back to HCM city.
17 May till 21 back to BKK for pepsi max online.
22 May till 27 BKK to KL for friso rocky onine.
28 May sting ppm in Bangkok.
29 May 1.10am BKK to manila.
29 May 7.20am Manila to Brunei.
29 May 4.50pm Brunei to Kota Kinabalu.
31 May back to HCM city.

Some mornings I woke up not knowing where I was, but i was quickly calmed down by the familiar sights and sounds outside the windows. Some occasions I spoke Thai when I was supposed to converse in Bahasa or English. Once I almost missed my flight due to an hour's time difference.

Freedom to fly is a gift. It's quite another when you have to do it often.

But I truly enjoy it.

Morning flight, Patan Durbar square, Nepal


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Vancelee Teng said...

Hi Maple,

thanks for leaving your comments. May I know if you are from Malaysia too?

maple said...

Nice to meet you vancelee. I'm from Ipoh Malaysia. I love all your photos display in your blog, especially photos taken in Nepal. I like your style...
Have a nice day!