Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Architexture 1

Let there be light

I am in love with Tadao Ando's architectural works. From the Garden of fine art in Kyoto to the Temple of water in Hyogo. You can find his passion and dedication everywhere in Japan.

Born in Osaka, Ando did not receive any formal architectural schooling. Instead, he trained himself by reading and travelling extensively through Africa, Europe and the US.

In opposition to traditional Japanese acrchitecture, Ando creates spaces of enclosure rather than openness. He uses walls to establish a human zone and to counter the monotony of commercialism. On the exterior, the walls deflect the surrounding urban chaos, while on the interior they enclose a private space. To him, walls are the most basic elements of architecture, but they can also be the most enriching.

Like any great photographer or painter, Tadao Ando is also a master of light. I saw clear evidence of this creative use when I stepped into the Church of the Light in Ibaraki. I was immediately taken aback by the sheer power of the presence of light.

Ando often uses Zen philosophies when conceptualizing his structures. The space of the chapel is defined by light which enters from behind the altar from a cross cut in the concrete wall. Beyond the walls there is profound emptiness ozzing a sense of serenity in the stark contrast between light and shadow.

I could feel the divine power of light touching my soul.

Streaming light from God, Ibaraki of Osaka


natkrittima said...

i just love the new look of your blog and still enjoy reading your thoughts. they are inspiring and thought provoking.

keep them coming!

Vancelee Teng said...

And I'm glad that you were there with me at the Church of the light. I'm sure you knew how I felt.