Sunday, 24 May 2009

Cafe chats

Gone soon

La Fenetre Soleil cafe owner, a tall and lanky Japanese, told me that the pre war building would soon be demolished. He said it as if it was just a matter of fact, but his eyes lost in his deep thoughts.

Not far from where he sat, I thought of the Oslo-born pianist, Ketil Bjornstad. 

He once heard that his favourite old studio, Rosenborg, would be shut down due to financial crisis. The next thing he did was to fly back from Paris to record a special album in memory of it, before the studio disappeared into dust.

The album, titled "The Rosenborg Tapes Vol 1 and 2", scored well among the audiences. It also saved the studio from being demolished. The Rosenborg now stands proudly at where it used to be in Norway, with its old Steinway and wooden walls.

I don't have the power to turn things around. But I surely can dedicate a bit of space in my blog to capture La Fenetre Soleil's beautiful atmosphere.

Here today, gone tomorrow

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