Sunday, 28 February 2010

Postcards shelf 2

Send a card with loving kindness

Another 5 designs from the postcard set.

The young monk against the yellow background was from Kopan monastery. His name is Lama Rigzin from Tsum valley. Many who bought this postcard were wondering where the venue was for this shoot.

Even the monks at Kopan were not exactly sure where it was.


Anonymous said...

it's pity that I can't see clearly the words on these postcards
有人用 文字 記錄旅程
有人用 音樂 編織旅程
有人用 相機 銘記旅程
有人用 繪畫 經驗旅程

Vancelee Teng said...


Double click on the postcards and you can see a larger version of those cards.

Happy reading those quotes.