Saturday, 16 February 2008

Middle path

Travelling with the Buddha
In Bodhgaya, I cried upon entering the Mahabodhi temple out of compassion.

In Sarnath, I could hear buddha's teaching from the trees and breezes.

In Lumbini, I was amazed to see the pond bathed in rays of twinkling light.

In Namobuddha, I was touched to learn his sacrifice for the hungry tiger cubs.

In Bagan, I lost myself in the ruins of thousands pagodas and stupas.

In Mandalay, I bought a wooden buddha statue in the posture of comtemplation.

In Yangoon, I learnt that friday was the day of my birth.

In Chiangmai, I donated 20% of my salary to wat conservations projects.

In Ayuthaya, I saw a buddha's head and its strong will to survive.

In Luang Prabang, I offered morning alms to hundreds of orange-saffroned monks.

In Siam reap, I witnessed the towering height of buddhism in the midst of jungle.

In Ho Chi Minh, I had lunch among monks in a vegetarian restaurant inside a real temple.

In Penang, I learnt the meaning of western paradise after climbing hundreds of steps up.

In Lhasa, I cried while doing walking meditation around Barkor street near Jokhang temple.

In Boudha, I could see his wisdom eyes wherever i walked around the stupa.

In Polonaruwa, I knew history will always repeat itself.

In Borobuddur, I saw a lone shadow in a strange land.

In Seoul, I picked a fallen maple leaf and it reminded me of impermanence.

In Kyoto, I couldn't believe that nature and buddhism could blend in so well.

In Kamakura, I felt so tiny in front of the sitting buddha and the whole universe.

In Nara, I saw buddhas in those benign deers.

In Beijing, I hope buddhism will take its root and change the whole nation.

A buddhist park called Muang Boran in Bangkok, Thailand.

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