Friday, 29 August 2008

Old tales

In the shadow of Gods

Man is a strange creature. At one point he claims he knows all and wants to conquer the world, on the other he builds unbeatable feats in respect to the almighty above.

The Emperor Qin who desired to be immortal and built the Great Wall instead. The Genghis Khan who invaded half of the world and left his generations all over. The Napoleon who went to the wars in Europe and left with nothing but a few paintings in the Lourve.

And the Pharoah, who at one time, saw himself as the godsent creator of the universe and built the Pyramids and Sphinx.

Standing in front of a gigantic pillar at Karnak temple in Luxor, I felt so small and insignificant.

Karnak Temple, Luxor.

Pyramids, Giza near Cairo.

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