Saturday, 25 October 2008

Gourmet trip

Italian touches
I was briefed to do a print campaign for a posh Italian restaurant in Bangkok. The client claimed that it has one of the most expensive menus in town.

I did a tour around the kitchen with the Italian chef. He made 10 dishes for me to try and one of them was a salad made with really expensive tomatoes. "All the ingredients are imported directly from Italy! " the chef proudly acclaimed.

I saw a simple visual idea in those words he told me.

Making use of the colours of the ingredients, I managed to say "truly Italian" in an interesting juxtaposition. 

Indeed, when you look deeply, you can see the sun, the rain, the soil, the hard work of Italian farmers in those ingredients.

Italian flag 1 with crabmeat as an appetizer.

Italian flag 2 with lamb chop as a main course.

Italian flag 3 with fruity pudding as a dessert.

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