Saturday, 25 October 2008

Points of view

The other side
It's very easy for us to forget the other side when we are so caught up with what we see in front of us. Too many times we see things the way we want to see, conveniently neglecting other possible points of view.

But if we change our angle of seeing a problem, sometimes we will be rewarded with not just a solution, but a whole new world of possibilities.

World renowned painter, Renoir, said it best: "When I have arranged a bouquet for the purpose of painting it, I always turn to the side I did not plan."

Nelson's column, seen through an autumn branch 
in Trafalgar square.


3 said...

As we form an opinion and make a judgement, we unconsciously decide not to experience things fully.

Vancelee Teng said...

that's very true. and sometimes it takes away so much out of our life.