Thursday, 4 December 2008

Give a little

The Little Painters
Saigon Children's Charity approached me to help them design two sets of greeting cards, one for Christmas, the other for Tet Vietnamese New Year.

A total of 200 children paintings was sent to me for my perusal and selection.

In those colourful strokes I saw hope and ambition, and a new generation eagerly to explore the world of opportunities outside.

The charity kicked off with a spectacular live performance by HCMC Ballet Symphony and Orchestra at the Conservatory of Music, followed by an Art and Photography exhibition sponsored by HSBC Bank.

Ms Thu, the organiser from Saigon Children's Society, called up one day, and told me the greeting cards were doing very well.

In return I wished her all the best for the year of 2009.

One of the Christmas paintings.

One of the Tet Vietnamese New Year paintings.


alexandre madureira said...

Hello Vancelee! :)
I'm very happy to know you, I will keep in touch.
Cheers from Barcelona with Portuguese accent.

Anonymous said...

A: my four-year-old son love
the two lovely paintings

B: the writer and the little painters are special & with wit

C: the paintings made by children are so beautiful, my American husband also enjoy them
from 3Shan's friends

Vancelee Teng said...

thanks to you all. a kid's painting or writing always touches on our inner soul. perhas we are reminded of the lost innocence we once had.

Anonymous said...


--Shan's friend in Taiwan

Vancelee Teng said...

thanks for comments. To end with a happy note. the cards we designed for the Saigon Children Charity have so far accumulated a total sale of more than US40,000.