Monday, 9 February 2009

Well beings 2

Tagore's house
Sufferings, in Rabindranath Tagore’s eyes, had become a good medicine for his questioning mind. From the close encounters he had with the people living off the dusty street, he penned what would become the world’s best literary works as judged by Nobel committees.

He was also under great influence from the Japanese masters at that time. He traveled extensively to the land of the rising sun, and immersed himself in the art of tea ceremony, meditations, paintings and Buddhist teachings.

One glance at his poems you would not wonder why. There was almost a zen touch in one of his Bengali poems that goes like this…

"Where movement is not all movement
and stillness is not all stillness;
where the idea and form,
the within and the without are united;
where infinite becomes finite,
yet not losing its infinity."

On 7 August 1941, Tagore breathed his last in the
comfort of his house,
ending a life so beautifully lived.

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