Tuesday, 30 October 2007

My dream houses

7 houses I wish I had owned
All around the world I go, I always feel at home with some places which gives me a feeling of belonging to the nature. Be it on the mountain or by the river or close to the beach facing endless ocean. I wish I could own a house like that in one of those places. I guess it is the homey feeling I am longing for. But I read a quote somewhere which best sums up my feeling for it. It goes like this: a traveller travels around the world in search of what he needs and home to find it. I bet you have come across a situation like this in your life after your trip.

1. Stone house, Santorini island
Because I can see the most romantic sunset in the world over Aegean sea.

2. Wooden hut on Serangkot hill, Pohkara
Because I can see the Annapurna range from the window.

3. Havali house, Jaisalmer
Because I can see the old forts and dream about 1001 nights.

4. Lanna house, Chiangmai
Because I can take a boat ride in the Ping river in front of the house.

5. Tribal mud house, Thar desert
Because I can watch the starry night sky on the desert.

6. Fluorescent blue house, Chefchaouun
Because I can breathe the freshest air from the Atlas.

7. French colonial house, Hoi An
Because I can escape traffic jam, city crowds and noise pollution.

The hotel I stayed in Chefchaouun plus other exteriors, Morocco.

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