Friday, 19 October 2007

Old Thai market

Following the old trail home
To explore Sanchu old market in Suphan Buri, you need a bit of patience as you wind through the small crowded soi leading to all the aged old stalls and shop houses. The coffee shop, for instance, is a delight to simply sit down and sip a mouthful of delicious brown liquid. They even use the traditional way to brew coffee powder under charcoal fire. Another thing worth a visit is the photography studio where old format photos are produced.

If you head down to Ayuthaya, why not make a detour and visit this idyllic old market.

Sanchu old market near Suphan Buri, Thailand.


natkrittima said...

Dearest traveling buddy,

I enjoy reading your blog so much. Thanks for sharing your wonderful point of view and creativity. Unfortunately I cannot read Chinese YET :) so I cannot read the part where you traveled to Himalaya. I'm sure it is great story.
Take care and don't forget that we are with you.


Vancelee Teng said...

i still have not put in all the photos yet as i encountered problems uploading the images to my blog. even the articles for each chapter was not done properly yet.

that's why i didn't inform you yet on this. but somehow you sneaked in to peep into my constructed blog. how naughty of you!!

thanks for always remembering me.