Saturday, 1 March 2008

Tea break

Cafe hopping !

Very few places in the world has a good culture of cafe hopping. The well known ones have a long tradition and been popular among tea connoisseurs. Its people know how to make a cup of good tea and when challenged, will turn things around with a twist.

The English, being a tea lover, has revolutionized our work day with the 4 o'clock break. They even have a label of tea named after their country!

The French makes tea business a flourishing trade. You can see lots of them along Saint Germain street. A small cup at Cafe de Flore will easily cost you up to 8 euros.

The Indian and the Nepali drink tea round the clock. "Chai" is something essential in a typical meal. Not a single day passes without a fragrant cup of the yellow liquid.

The Sri Lankan doesn't just take tea. They smell tea too right in front of their houses in Kandy.

The Japanese turns tea into a longevity product and makes the world go crazy with green tea. The tea ceremony also links zen buddhism deeply into their lives.

The Tibetan makes really oily and salty yak butter tea. After gulping down a cup you will feel like already taking a big meal.

The Chinese even has a sutra written to celebrate the goodness of tea. Many of its poetic works and literature are inspired by the sheer thought of tea too.

The Vietnamese somehow has turned cafes into a different hangout place with disco music blasting from all corners once you walk inside.

Flower tea at a cafe called "休", Seoul.

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