Thursday, 30 April 2009

Cool hotels 9

Come, see and stay

I told Koravit, the hotel owner of Ma Du Zi, that those images on her hotel website didn’t quite do justice to the actual place itself. 

She smiled, admitted it, but was pleased that I was impressed with the room facilities.

What made me like about her instantly was her open frankness and readiness to accept advices and suggestions. There was almost an air of friendliness between us.

Having Persian blood running in her body, Koravit instinctively applies middle eastern patterns to the once-masculine French outlet. Her introduction of floral designs on the walls and doors helps soften the atmosphere by giving the right balance of Yin into the dominant Yang setup.

The evidence was subtle but I could feel her play of meticulous detail, here and there, within the hotel area. Say, for instance, a bar of soap wrapped around by a leaf or a few heart-printed chocolates on the bed, an arty-designed laundry bag or a cool set of postcards and bookmark.

These are not all that made me wow.

The Kohler branded infinity soak bath, in every room, is rewarding after a hard day’s work. You can call the maid to prepare the bath for you on your way back to the hotel. Trust me, heaven can wait while you are soothing yourself in the tub.

The extra huge bed, 8 by 6.5 foot to be exact, lets you roll around without the fear of slipping out of it. Good for a guest like me who can’t sleep “still”.

The intelligent lighting in the room lobby automatically switches off when your presence is not felt by the sensor system. It saves plenty of energy for the world, as well as for yourself. 

Ma Du Zi, in Thai, literally means “Come and see”.

And yes, you should come and see it yourself, better still, experience it yourself too!

Plenty of room to sleep on this bed 

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