Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Cool hotels 2

Number Sixteen

I stayed at Number Sixteen for three simple reasons. 

First, most five-star hotels in London easily cost over 300 Pounds per room. I paid 200 Pounds for a 55 sqm, much spacious than the usual hotel rooms.

Second, nothing can really beat this stylish mid-Victorian white stucco terrace on 16 Sumner place, I truly felt like living the life of an English man.

Third, it's right in the heart of a bustling neighborhood, steps away from Victoria & Albert and Natural History museums, Harrod's and Knightsbridge. Plus a mere five minutes' walk to South Kensington tube station.

Last note to add. Though not important to some, I had been mesmerized by the weather forecast stickers stuck on the paper every morning. It might not help save the notorious climate reputation, but it certainly left a mark on my heart.

When you are mindful enough, people can notice the difference you make.

Instyle magazine called it a temple of sophistication

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