Thursday, 30 April 2009

Cool hotels 6

The city of sleep and relax

The hotel name, Phranakorn-Nornlen,  is a bit of a mouthful to spell or pronounce. Its location, hidden deep in a soi off Thewet, can be a pretty daunting task for the first timer. Nevertheless, it is well worth the effort when you finally find your way to this hidden gem.

Rose, the host of the hotel, greeted me with her genuine Thai smile. She showed me a few room layouts, each with its own hand-painted walled mural, and it was tough to make a choice among them. 

The next early morning, I made a swift visit to Thewet market, where the Royal household used to frequent 100 years ago. Rumors had it that they arrived in big empty boats, and left full of fresh produce enough for a week. I stood by the pier, now in need of repair, took a long glance at the river and imagined its hey days.

When I returned to the hotel, Rose had already made my organic breakfast, with freshly squeezed juice and vegetables grown on the hotel's rooftop. 

"We grow some of our ingredients here without chemical fertilizers. Or we buy them from the royal agricultural projects by HRH King Bhumiphol." She beamed again, "We support only farmers who live in good moral codes and use ingredients according to the season."

It is hard to believe that Rose was once a well known Thai celebrity. She didn't act like a snob at all as most local celebrities do. 

Perhaps she was too exhausted having to put on an act in the entertainment industry.

Phranakorn-Nornlen, in Thai, means "the city of sleep and relax". Judging from its neighborhood address, you would be grateful for where it is situated.

Sustainable living can be pretty cool and chic too.

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