Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cool hotels 4

Sleep at Seven

How about a small boutique hotel with only seven rooms in seven colours? 

And all you have to do is select one of the seven days to suit your mood. Sound like a dream? No, welcome to Seven on Sukhumvit 31.

Each of the seven rooms is inspired by the deep-rooted Thai tradition of relating each day of the week to a specific god of the planets found in ancient Indian astrology.

Sunday is red for the Sun god Phra Arthit.
Monday is yellow for the Moon god Phra Charn.
Tuesday is pink for the Mars god Phra Angkarn.
Wednesday is green for the Mercury god Phra Phut.
Thursday is orange for the Jupiter god Phra Pareuhat.
Friday is blue for the Venus god Phra Suk.
Saturday is purple for the Saturn god Phra Sao.

I had the fortune to stay here for three nights, changing my room from Pink to Orange to Blue. And without fail, its ceiling to floor coloured murals affected me emotionally. When I was embraced in a sea of orange, I started feeling sunny too. Likewise in a blue atmosphere, I became more melancholy and less inclined to be agitated. 

Scientists have proved that certain colours can invoke a part of our hidden memory from our sixth consciousness. I suspect it may go even deeper into our eighth Alaya consciousness.

The day I left happened to be on sunday, I discovered upon checking out that the red lobby/public room which I have breakfast everyday was actually its seventh.

The Sun God was there in the room, greeting me at my departure.

The Orange room, with its hip murals.

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