Thursday, 30 April 2009

All about hotels

In the world of hotel
We are only temporary guests

When we check into a hotel, we never bother to dress up the room simply because we know it's no point decorating it, we know we will leave the room the very next day.

Likewise, we will not be attached to the beauty of the room. We know they don't belong to us therefore we cannot bring them along with us when checking out.

If we can see the earth as a hotel room, and we are only its temporary guests, suddenly we feel that we are just filling up some of its space. 

The hotel will always be there, only its guests come and go. Same for the earth we live in, one day we will also depart from it.

Of all my journeys embarked, the hotel room has become my contemplating ground. Small or big, luxury or budget, they have in a way taught me something about this samsaric life.

I do not own the world. And nothing I have is truly mine.

Never take your hotel room for granted.

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