Thursday, 30 April 2009

Cool hotels 8

Hidden but smitten

Forgive me if you disagree, that I think most 5-star hotels in the Twin Tower vicinity are no match for the Maya hotel.

It rarely gets mentioned in the travel magazines or websites because it's quietly hidden in an old building which travelers tend to pass by unnoticed.

It does not get rated among the top ten hotels in Kuala Lumpur because it doesn't have the right connection in the industry perhaps.

Its sky bar commands the best city view on the 13th floor but its Cantonese locals probably don't like number 13.

Its location is within walking distance to the KLCC and Ampang entertainment spots but it's also close enough to the Malay cemetery.

Its interior decor won a design award for its sheer simplicity but not many hotel guests prefer to walk into an empty space.

For all these reasons above plus a few of my preference, such as the warm jacuzzi swimming pool, the ala carte breakfast, the fabulous toiletries set and a really cool adjustable writing desk.

I personally think the Maya hotel is such a rare find.

I have come back to stay here over and over again whenever I go shooting in Malaysia. Put all the nights together I have since stayed, it might well be over 3 months. 

Enough to prove that this is my kind of hotel.

Bamboo forest, empty space and minimal decor


Javis Monzalton said...

Finding hotels like that hotel is a major feat for some travelers. They look for hotels that offer the necessary amenities, and treat guests with simplicity and class.

Javis Monzalton

JC said...

I love Maya Hotel too!

JC said...

I love Maya Hotel too!